2021 Portfolio Reel
Hello there!
My name is Eduardo and I am graphic designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
I am originally from Ecuador, Latin America, and I came to Canada to pursue a major in Graphic Design. Ever since the age of 5, drawing has been a passion of mine. During primary school, drawing landscapes was my favourite hobby, and during high school, I moved to portraits and characters.
In my last year of high school, I discovered Graphic Design which opened my eyes to a world of possibilities to be creative in different ways. So, once I graduated, I knew what I wanted to do. I used the opportunity to learn English abroad to find my way to study this career. Eventually, I applied for The Art Institute of Vancouver, which is LaSalle College Vancouver.
My goal is to move people's emotions through the use of bold, colourful designs. I want to create excitement every time people see my work. 
Here is a list of my services:
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Art Direction
Motion Graphics
Branding & Marketing
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